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First use of the Del Monte name on a food product. Del Monte coffee premieres as a premium blend of coffee packaged for the prestigious Hotel Del Monte in Monterey, California
The Del Monte® Brand is introduced when the firm expanded its business and selected Del Monte as the brand name for its new line of canned peaches.
Del Monte shield makes its first appearance on a can label.
California Packing Corporation (CalPak) establishes stringent quality specifications for its premium brand, Del Monte®. Early ads assure customers “Not a label, but a guarantee.”
With prices plummeting and overflowing warehouses, CalPak is forced to tighten its belt. Always a premium quality product, Del Monte® advertising takes advantage of the many low-cost brands on the market and focuses on the value of dependable quality.
A persistent focus on quality helps lift CalPak out of a crunch.
Del Monte® Pineapple Grapefruit drink is introduced. Del Monte® Stewed Tomatoes – a new product inspired by the recipe of an employee’s mother – becomes an instant classic.
Long known for its favorite brand, CalPak changes its name to Del Monte Corporation.
Del Monte Corporation acquires West Indies Tropical Fruit Company of Coral Gables, Florida.
Del Monte Corporation becomes first major food processor in the United States to include nutrition labels on its products.
Del Monte Corporation shareholders agree to a merger with R. J. Reynolds Industries.
Del Monte Corporation divides into two separate entities; Del Monte Tropical Fruit and Del Monte Foods.
A new owner of Del Monte Tropical Fruit changes name to Fresh Del Monte Produce N.V.
Fresh Del Monte Produce N.V. is acquired by Freshglo Limited, a Cayman Island based company.

– Introduced the first new pineapple variety in more than 15 years, the Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple.
– Began expansion of melon program.
– Further diversified distribution capabilities by adding new distribution centers in key markets, adding additional value-added services to customers.
May 1997, Freshglo Limited changed it’s name to Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.
October 1997, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. begins trading on the NYSE under the FDP ticker symbol (FDP).
Acquired several subsidiaries from its parent company IAT Group Inc. which were engaged primarily in the production, transportation, distribution and marketing of deciduous fruit and other fresh produce on a worldwide basis and conducted operations in Chile, the United States, the Netherlands and Uruguay.

Begins activities in Brazil, in the Assu Valley (RN), implanting the first banana growing farm.
Expansion of activities in Brazil, producing melons and watermelons on the Água farm, in the municipality of Quixeré, in Ceará state.
Acquired assets of U.K. based Fisher Foods Limited’s chilled division, expanding growth in the fresh cut category

Activities in Brazil are expanded with Pineapple Del Monte Gold®, at the Ouro Verde farm in the municipality of Limoeiro do Norte, in Ceará state.
Acquired Standard Fruit and Vegetable Co., Inc., a Dallas based distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables.

– Acquired 100% ownership in Envases Industriales de Costa Rica S.A. (ENVACO).
– Acquired Expans Sp. 2.0.0. a Poland-based distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables.
– Acquired Country Best Produce, a leading U.S. East Coast processor and packager.
Acquired Del Monte Foods Europe, a leading producer and distributor of prepared fruit, vegetables and beverages in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Countries formerly part of the Soviet Union.
Acquired the Costa Rican group Caribana, substantially increasing Del Monte® branded banana and Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple production from Central America.
Acquired agricultural production land, packing houses and farm equipment in Florida and Virginia.

In Brazil, we are currently growing bananas in Limoeiro do Norte – CE and the Assu Valley – RN, and cultivating coconuts in Quixeré – CE.